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   Parimet (shenzhen) safepak Company Limited in 2005 years , is one of professional packaging materials  manufacturer main specialized in producing  container dunnage air bags , cushion air bags, fiber strapping tape, wood pallet and so on .  Our company purpose is to provide best quality , economic environment technology support and products service for the worldwide agents

   At Present , The company got multi producing lines for kraft paper and pp woven dunnage air bags ,monthly output can reach at 200.000PCS, Over the years , We constantly to innovate and accumulate the experience , In order to produce more reliable and high quality new products , with the company’s development management system , All of our products have passed  SGS,ROHS and other certificates .

  In recent years , Our products market occupancy is increased per year , Have exported to the United states ,Austria , Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines,India , Indonesia , Vietnam, Taiwan,Japan and so on , at the same time we also Do OEM processing and production orders for many Well-known foreign brand companies ,  to help our customers improve the brand , efficiency and save cost , Expect to get our more products and better service.



  • 022019-04How to Choose the fit size of dunnage air bag?
    1. Measure the gap between the goods 2. Measure the height of each stack goods or wood pallet 3. Measure the depth of the stack goods or wood pallet 4. According to the specification table to select the fit size of dunnage air bag
  • 062019-032019 China International Packaging Industry Exhibition Sino-pack Parimet
    Parimet participated in the China International Packaging Industry Exhibition, booth number: Area A (2nd floor) - 5.2 Pavilion - S15
  • 252019-02Difference Between the kraft paper dunnage bag and PP woven dunnage bag
    According to the outer bag materials different , Dunnage air bags divide to the kraft paper bag and pp woven bag 1. PPW(water proof) dunnage bag is tough and reliable , is a high strength pp woven cloth , tough and stone not affected by rain , so it is called waterproof dunnage air bag 2. Kraft paper dunnage bag outer bag is made by PA and PE materials 3. Both the kraft paper dunnage bag and the PP woven dunnage bag are made of PA and PE