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  • How to Choose the fit size of dunnage air bag?2019-04-02

    1. Measure the gap between the goods 2. Measure the height of each stack goods or wood pallet 3. Measure the depth of the stack goods or wood pallet 4. According to the specification table to select the fit size of dunnage air bag

  • 2019 China International Packaging Industry Exhibition Sino-pack Parimet2019-03-06

    Parimet participated in the China International Packaging Industry Exhibition, booth number: Area A (2nd floor) - 5.2 Pavilion - S15

  • Difference Between the kraft paper dunnage bag and PP woven dunnage bag2019-02-25

    According to the outer bag materials different , Dunnage air bags divide to the kraft paper bag and pp woven bag 1. PPW(water proof) dunnage bag is tough and reliable , is a high strength pp woven cloth , tough and stone not affected by rain , so it is called waterproof dunnage air bag 2. Kraft paper dunnage bag outer bag is made by PA and PE materials 3. Both the kraft paper dunnage bag and the PP woven dunnage bag are made of PA and PE

  • Attentions to use kraft paper dunnage bag2019-01-15

    1. When using the dunnage bags , avoid excessive inflation to prevent large pressure damage the goods. 2. Filling the dunnage bag should not be used in exceed applicated width of the gap 3. If two or more dunnage bags must be used in one gap , it will be increased the touch area of bags 4. Filling the effective space of the dunnage bag should not exceed the height of the cargo or pallet 5. Fill the bottom of the dunnage bag should be more than 5cm away from the ground 6. The goods have sharp angles or burrs , or packaging for wooden cases or wooden pallets, should use corrugated cardboard or other flat plate to protect the filling air bags 7. Avoid the use filling dunnage air bags in the door to prevent the damage to the operator who opens the door