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FAQ & Advice


Q:What is an dunnage bag?

A: Dunnage bags consists of a clear plastic bladder (typically polyethylene) that holds compressed air, and an outer shell made of extensible kraft paper or woven polypropylene material. 

When inflated and installed they reduce the risk of product damage by restricting load movement during transit. Shippers Products air bags can be used when shipping loads by truck, sea container, intermodal, railcar or ocean vessel.



Q:Does the industry have any other names for Dunnage bags?

A:Dunnage bags, also known as airbagsair cushions, and inflatable bags, are used to secure and stabilize cargo.

Other industry terms: Dunnage air bags, Disposable Inflatable Dunnage (D.I.D), Reusable Dunnage Air Bag, Disposable Dunnage bag, Inflatable Dunnage Bag.



Q:What are the functions of an dunnage bag?

 A:When inflated and installed they reduce the risk of product damage by restricting load movement during transit. Additionally, dunnage bags reposition the load and create a bulkhead, further preventing load shifts.



Q:How do I determine what dunnage bag is right for my load application?

A:The correct size and type of dunnage bag is determined by a variety of factors such as the weight of the product, the void size and the transportation mode. Please contact us ,we will help you to determine what type and size dunnage bag is right for you.



Q:What are the key benefits of using an dunnage bag?

A:Key benefits include:

1)Product damage reduction also called “Unsellables” during transport.
2)Reduce the labor cost of securing your load compared to using lumber
3)To enhance customer satisfaction by providing undamaged products during shipment.
4)The most versatile history proven method of load securement



Q:What type of equipment do I need to inflate an dunnage bag?

A:A compressor, or our quick Inflator to provide air
An Inflation device
Pressure measuring gauge
Contact us,we will provide inflation system recommendations for your exact shipping need.



Q:What can be used to reduce void when exceeding maximum recommended size?

A:Corrugated void fillers, cardboard panels or old pallets can be placed either against the side wall of the truck or the sea container, or in between the dunnage bag and the load to be secured.

Pinwheeling the pallets (Turning one pallet in length direction and the other one in width direction) where air bags are used will also reduce the void.